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    Available courses

    Improve your ability to understand English sounds, syllables and words. Then focus on developing your comprehension skills. Practice authentic IELTS exam tasks throughout the course.

    We use the latest voice recording technology so you can develop a number of speaking skills. There are also plenty of opportunities for practicing IELTS questions.

    This writing course focuses on the four key areas that IELTS essays are assessed on to help you develop the most important skills needed for writing high-quality answers.

    Learn how to analyse charts and diagrams effectively and develop the language skills needed to answer these questions and maximise your IELTS score.

    Consider the different question types in IELTS reading exams and learn strategies for answering them. We also focus on building your vocabulary to improve comprehension.

    Learn all of the skills you need to write an effective letter. You will also enhance your language skills in the process.

    Further IELTS practice tests are provided in this module.